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Gilbert SideStep X15 FG

Gilbert SideStep X15 FG
UK Sizes: 7 - 14

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Gilbert SideStep X15 FG


If you are a back row forward who's serious about the contact area and carrying dynamically look no further than the Gilbert Sidestep X15 FG Rugby Boots. Be the first to the breakdown this season with this lightweight, durable boot.
This boot is designed for the quick player looking for a versatile boot which offers stability and speed. Utilising the Speedplate HYB outsole for maximum grip and acceleration.


Key details:

  • Firm Gound Boot
  • Wide fit
  • Lace closure 
  • Synthetic PU Upper 
  • Stable and supportive fit 
  • Speedplate HYB outsole 6 replaceable studs

Gilbert SideStep X15 FG


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