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Mizuno Reflect Wind Jacket

Mizuno Reflect Wind Jacket
UK Sizes: Small - X Large

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Mizuno Reflect Wind Jacket

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Designed to keep you moving in the colder winter months, the Mizuno Reflect Wind Running Jacket is constructed to provide warmth whilst also allowing a full and complete range of movements without any restriction.

Designed using an effective polyester that will keep you comfortable no matter what, this material will work to retain heat well for maximum comfort. This will mean that a good level of heat will be retained every time that you wear the jacket, giving you that shield in the winter time. As you become more active, the jacket will recognise this, and will allow a steady flow of air in and out of the jacket. This will mean that you will have a regulated feel within it, working to keep you comfortable and focused on your challenge ahead.


As you begin to sweat, or if you are exposed to moisture, the jacket will react to this by absorbing the sweat or moisture before wicking it away extremely efficiently and effectively. Underneath the arms and across the back, there are mesh panels, which will further encourage a flow of air in and out. This will provide you with exceptionally efficient ventilation. Despite letting air in and out of it, the jacket will shield you from heavy wind, blocking the entry of heavy wind to keep you comfortable within the jacket. The sleeves will allow you to make a full and complete range of movements without any restriction whatsoever, meaning that you will be able to complete all activities without anything to hold you back.


Reflective print all over the jacket will improve safety during night time activities. A zipper will allow you to adjust the amount of airflow on the jacket to keep you ventilated. Flat-lying seams within the jacket will remove the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing.

Mizuno Reflect Wind Jacket


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