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Superfeet Flex Insoles

Superfeet Flex Insoles
UK Sizes: 2 - 11.5

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Superfeet Flex Insoles

Superfeet are the creators of premium insoles that are perfect for the feet of every person. They are ideal for feet with low arches or overpronaters, they are the saviors of any feet left aching after sports. Superfeet are widely used in running shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, badminton shoes and more recently, dress & fashion shoes. In 1977 Superfeet became its own company, with the mission “to provide affordable orthotics to the general public” For over 30 years Superfeet have consistently and successfully created premium insoles for different types of feet, for different activities and sports. When you decide to use a pair of Superfeet Insoles, you don’t just improve your footwear, you improve your life.


The Flex range has been designed to bring a value-for-money product to an already comprehensive range. Offering some mild arch support, 3D structure and cushioning to enhance the feel of your shoes for very little cost. The Superfeet Flex Mid makes use of 4mm Aerospring foam a tough top sheet material and a flexible heel cradle for good all round comfort and support. As the name suggests, it is the middle volume insole in the Flex range and is ideal for shoes that have a little room in them already and will work as a simple replacement for the unsupportive insoles that come as standard in most shoes and trainers. They can be used for any sort of activity, however there are generally more suitable options available in the trim-to-fit range at a slightly higher price range for specific activities such as running, cycling or heavy walking.

They are perfect for those seeking a high quality replacement insole that is inexpensive, but still a lot better than the standard manufacturers insoles as they offer some mild support. Superfeet Flex Mid insoles offer some great technical features that help them stand out from most competitor products, such as:


  • Aerospring Foam – This high quality foam, ensures a good level of cushioning for most low impact activities.

  • Flexible Heel Cradle –  A thermoplastic horseshoe-shaped support piece, located under the foot; which helps sit the foot into a better position and forms the foundation of the arch support in the insole.

  • Odor Control – Thanks to a high quality top sheet material which helps to inhibit microbial growth.

  • Trim-to-fit – Allows you to pick the perfect fitting insole for the width and shape of your foot and then trim away the extra material for the perfect fit


Flex Low = 3mm thickness

Flex Mid = 4mm thickness

Flex High = 5mm thickness



B = UK 2 - 3.5

C = UK 4 - 5.5

D = UK 6 - 7.5

E = UK 8 - 9.5

F = UK 10 - 11.5

Superfeet Flex Insoles


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